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lsi keywords

Today we are going to talk about ranking and traffic and how to get a better ranking in search engines, everyone knows that SEO is really important and necessary to put a blog/site at the top of searches, if you are well-positioned you have a great chance of getting one great organic traffic and that means that you are well positioned in order to also promote your website/blog to people. For the past 10 years, I have been following the trends for strong web positioning growth of SERPs ranking sites and others over time I have been studying white and clean SEO techniques
nothing better than having your site always friendly to search engines and growing for that some adjustments are needed.
Have you ever heard of LSI SEO It really means (Latent Semantic Indexing)

But what does it really mean LSI
By default search engines are mainly google looking for the more relevant content
with a particular search, this makes the search engine determine what subject your content speaks about. LSI is the bridge between the relevance of an article on a page. this will rocket your blog to the top with this amazing technique. This is based on the relationship of one word interconnected to others.

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would, in this case, be a one-word extension

see this search on google we can see LSI keywords


when you search the words you can see that google completes the related terms
an example of this is to lose weight, lose weight fast, lose weight healthily, lose weight in 3 days.

See how the figure of the footer


How to use
To use you can even create a post with a title of what is in the search, for example how to lose belly 2015, or how to lose weight proven result you can find a part in your article where the words fit, do not use it several times this will imply in an article overloaded with SEO which does not sound good search engines look to be original, LSI has become a ranking factor, google looks for related words, rather than repeating words, this must also be careful not to create keyword stuffing that comes from writing the same word over and over in the same post

Its use can be done in titles, headings, and meta descriptions you can explore using increasing related terms as cited in the search. While building backlinks it is important to mix the words, also using an anchor in the text also sounds good but don’t go overboard.

Take into account that Google updated the algorithm recent then
Use keywords in header text and meta description don’t repeat too many times
create valuable creative and unique content in the eyes of Google,
beware of keywords density I advise using a few after google updated density is no longer important
but bloggers continue to be penalized by density,
beware of loaded SEO ie excess SEO
keep your blogger clean, tuned, and set up correctly

Final considerations

Now you can try to grab good traffic with LSI but remember you need to use it carefully by following some steps above I’m sure your blogger will go far if well adjusted looking for a good ranking over time, everyone wants to be on top, for this it is necessary good techniques of seo white clean persistence patience and good content if you liked the post please share.

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