Things-To-Do in Palm Springs

Visiting Palm Springs can be a fascinating way to spend your weekend out with your family or friends! The much-needed fresh air that engulfs you as you see this city shall ease your mind and soul. There are various ways in which one can enjoy one stay here. Be it with friends or even with family, a short vacation is an incredible choice! This city is a fantastic location for a quick and memorable journey from galleries to an aerial tramway to various hiking trails.

Explore and enjoy the local life at the Village Fest and the vast expanse of arid lands as you go on a hiking trail. Your trip to this California city will surely turn out to be something worth remembering. This article will discuss the absolute most energizing things to do in Palm Springs.

  • Go on the sunset hot air balloon ride.

Enjoy the view of the sunset from a hot air balloon as you loom about across the arid landscape. The hot air balloon ride costs about $282 per visitor. Food and drinks are also included in this charge. All these rides are currently operating under the covid-19 safety protocols. The passages may also be customized to put up banners for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Travelers should be at least five years of age to board the hot air balloon. Travelers need to check-in nearly about two and half hours before the sunset.

  • Take the Palm Springs Windmill Tour

Although the ongoing pandemic situation, even though quite a few places are still closed, some have opened. The Palm Springs Windmill tour has opened after a significant delay. It requires all visitors to maintain the necessary safety protocols like wearing a mask, social distancing while entering the premises. A self-driving tour is organized under minimal charge, which is quite a fun way of seeing and learning things. Go on the Palm Springs Windmill self-driving tour and enjoy your day as you know intelligently.

The majority of the escape rooms available in and around Palm Springs are quite budget-friendly. The escape rooms commonly cost about $25 to $35 per individual. Every escape room in Palm Springs welcomes people of all ages and sexes to come in and enjoy their day with their family and friends. Choose from the many themes that are available and jump into the escape room! Each game has its own remarkable story that will immerse the players as they try and escape the room.

  • Enjoy a full day of hiking at the Joshua Tree National Park.

The Joshua Tree National Park leads an entire day hiking trail for interested explorers. The average expense of booking a whole day hiking trail at the Joshua Tree National Park is about $248 per person. This price is included some snacks that are provided along with the package. The guide will take you through the desert lands of Palm Springs and walk you through the nearby history of the grounds. There are a few hiking trails at Joshua Tree National Park. Thus, look through the list and pick the one that suits you the best.

Despite the pandemic, there are still quite a few things to do in Palm Springs! So take your family or group of friends for a short trip to this city in California and enjoy your weekend!

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