Bacterial Vaginosis Cures

A common complaint among women is an infection known as bacterial vaginosis or BV. This condition arises when the pH level in the vagina is disrupted. Micro-organisms called lactobacillus, a good type of bacteria, are naturally present in the vagina and create an acidic-based environment in which other types of bacteria can not survive.

If the balance of lactobacillus is disturbed, other organisms may take hold and result in an infection. Bacterial vaginosis cures are available to bring the infection under control and correct the imbalance in the vaginal flora.

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As with most infections, there are signs to be aware of. Bacterial vaginosis presents with the secretion of a grayish or yellowish discharge with an unusual odor, swelling, itching, soreness, or irritation around the vagina, vulva, or anus. Other symptoms might include a burning sensation when urinating, or discomfort during sexual intercourse.


It is important that if you experience any of these symptoms, medical attention is sought to determine what type of infection you may have. As other kinds of vaginal infections may exhibit similar signs, testing would be necessary for your physician to establish what has caused the infection and what treatment option would be the best of the bacterial vaginosis cures available.

Antibiotic medications are generally used to treat bacterial vaginosis, however, there are other ways to remedy the problem. In addition to an antibiotic, your doctor may suggest an acidophilus supplement to help bring the pH level of the vagina back to normal.

Other supplements used in clinical trials have been proven to be effective in the treatment of vaginal infections. Your physician should be consulted to see if any of these might be beneficial to you in curing your condition and maintaining long term health to avoid recurrence of the infection.

Researchers advocate that bacterial vaginosis cures include a well balanced diet to maintain overall healthiness although a supplemental multivitamin may be suggested by your doctor to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to help boost your immune system and prevent future attacks.

Many multivitamins are available with minerals in their composition to increase resistance to infections and encourage faster healing. Some herbs have been proven to contain properties that increase the effectiveness of your immune system, but it is very important to be cautious before taking any herbal medication.

If you are on birth control pills, fertility drugs, or any other medications, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first before introducing them into your system to prevent drug interactions as some herbs may have a detrimental affect on what treatment plan you are currently following. Only an experienced practitioner can determine if herbal supplements would be a benefit to you.Bacterial Vaginosis, bacterial vaginosis cures, bacterial vaginosis natural, bacterial vaginosis treatment, vaginosis treatment

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