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Some of you may have heard about the recent weather in the North East USA.  A lot of you may already be experiencing it.  Let’s just say the beginning of this week felt like 3 Sundays in a row as with the snow piled high it was quite difficult to get anywhere, let alone even walk.  The snow in a lot of places went almost to my knee and sadly enough was not the most ideal for snowfooting. 

The area where your foot really gets affected is the top since the skin there is not the same texture as your sole, so sadly enough I shoveled and ran my local errands in my boots.  Luckily I have the Ugg snow boots, which are insulated with sheepskin, entirely eliminating the need for socks, which I haven’t since attending a black-tie wedding in May.  The boots come on and off quite easily so I was barefoot most of the time, though indoors.  Today, however, with the temperature moving back into the ’30s, the snow on the sidewalks melted and the snow-covered area melted, my toes are wiggling with joy!  Getting around and being barefoot has been a blast.

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It’s amazing that even while people have their winter boots on, they crowd the shoveled area of the sidewalks almost avoiding the snowy area as it were a lava pit.  I generally like to walk fast and it gave me pleasure as the crowds of people trudge in a single file line on the paved area as they turn their heads in amazement to see a pair of bare feet making their way over the snow bank. It’s awesome to feel the different effects on your feet as you go across the cold wet pavement alternating through the snowbanks.  A couple of time I had to step in cool ice puddles, but at least I wasn’t ruining a good pair of shoes.  The toes change to a rosy red once the cold air hits and once indoors, you feel that tingly sensation for a few minutes as the toes return to their flesh color and the entire foot feels all toasty, radiating to the rest of your body.

I went to do some work at my usual wifi hangout.  It’s pretty crowded here today and people who normally see me did not make a comment about my feet or the fact that I was wearing shorts.  My eyes came across another person seated on the couch with his legs crossed whose feet were also bare.  I observed him get up to order a drink without putting any footwear on.

“Like your shoes,” I commented.  He looked down at my feet and laughed.  I asked him if he came like that and he admitted he wore his boots.  When I told him that I’ve been barefoot he nodded in agreement that it was the way to go.  Maybe I’ll see him snow footing one day.  Looking forward to a full day tomorrow of being out and around with my happy soles and toes relishing the snow.  Wishing you a happy barefoot New Year!

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