Brief View on Intel and Its First Smartphone

Intel is one of the fastest-growing companies. Intel is now coming with mobile devices as well. We can see some mobile devices are already been launched in the mobile market. Most of the customers are really enjoying the new Intel mobile devices. Another company named Lava had tied up with Intel to increase the sales and promotions of the company.

The XOLO X900 is designed by Intel and adding the feature of Intel Atom processor to support 3G and HSPA. This processor comes with hyperthreading skills to increase performance like multi-tasking and works speed. The cutting-edge 400MHz comes with a digital and graphics clock. It supports high video quality which is coming up with 1080p and you can playback the device for entertainment. Games are highly impressive and the customers really enjoy the video experience. The camera is coming up with 8-megapixel.

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We can capture the image even in the burst mode and you can capture 10 pics in a single sec which is amazing. The XOLO X900 is with a smooth design, an LCD screen with high resolution and the size of the screen is 4.03. You can send crunchy texts and lively images. Initially, they planned this mobile device to launch with Gingerbread operating system and now they are updating it with jelly bean and Ice cream sandwich. The battery life is extraordinary and the performance of this mobile is high. By browsing your mobile, you can use this device up to 5 hours. Talk time comes for 8 hours and music can be played up to 45 hours.

Most of the customers are really happy with the performance and speed. Intel mobile device users have been increasing all over the world from the last 3 years. The review of the XOLO X900 has been impressive, positive. The limits of pc are increasing day by day. In the mobile market, Intel computing has rich capabilities and all the possibilities can be done using this mobile device.

To launch more exciting products in the mobile market, Lava and Intel has tied up. They want to give new products to the customers and them high confident about new products. You can purchase these mobile online from and you can visit some stores.

Intel has revealed some smartphones with foray like San Diego. This smartphone has come up with Android 2.3.7. Intel is expecting that it can run more applications; You can review some popular apps. You can play games because in this device the binary translators are been used for extra work. So, it has a high chance of affecting the battery life which is being worked on. Using payday loans you can buy this mobile device.