Pictures On A Blog Yes Or No?

One of the things all Blog and website owners are always told is that you MUST include Pictures in your site. Most people usually have one small to medium Picture in the top right-hand corner of their post’s content, or sometimes a much larger image.

Does adding Blog Pictures really matter?
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A little while back I visited a really interesting SEO website that mentioned what value using pictures on websites or blogs really has.

Surprisingly, it said that using pictures(images) on our websites was of no use at all.

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In fact, I think the article said using pictures(images) could have a negative effect on our search engine Rankings…

The Images I am referring to are the ones we include at the top of our posts…..not the pictures we use when doing instruction posts, and need images to give a clear description of the steps required….

I tend to take quite seriously the task of looking at ways to improve our Google search engine ranking, as I see it as being very important to try to get up on page one in Google search results…

So coming across an article that says using images could be bad for our rankings set off alarm bells…

Authors note: I am certain I bookmarked the website in question, though I cannot find the article at the moment. When I find the article, I will include it into this post…..

To give you some idea of the website in question.

The site I visited had a list of items. At the end of each item in the list there was a number that showed it’s SEO value.
What surprised me was that Blog images along with many other forms of media like video, etc were said to have no SEO value at all.

It Said Pictures(Images) had (from 0 to -1) in SEO value.
That really got me thinking!

Having a -1 rating means that the item would have a negative effect on your website or blog.

One thing I have made a rule with my blog posts, is to always try to include a Picture.

Not only had I read that including an Image with our posts was supposedly a good idea for improved rankings, I just thought that my Blog posts without pictures(images) looked pretty boring!

I think another reason we include pictures is to get the message of our posts across more clearly by using a visual medium. Many websites do this very well by always seeming to find “that one special picture” that fits the theme of their blog posts perfectly.

To be honest, you would think that matching up a great Picture to your blog post would ad some value! I always find blog posts with pictures that make me laugh, or say to myself ” Wow! In appreciation of how well the image has been matched up(and the quality of the picture)…..

Some Very Successful Websites Don’t Use Pictures
Yep! You heard it..

I just realized that a website called Daily Blog Tips by Daniel Scocco never includes pictures. This does not seem to have made any difference to the great level of success being achieved by this site…

I visit Daniel’s website quite often, as there are often some fine posts to read…

Now after checking out Daniel’s sites ” lack of pictures” I am wondering again about whether including Images on our websites is going to make any real difference at all.

Including Pictures In Blog Post: My Thoughts
I have read a number of articles relating to ” On page optimization, search engine ranking, etc(probably thousands of pages by now) and this includes my reading all the latest Google advice on these subjects…..

On top of all of that, I went through(read) Google’s special report outlining all the “best practices—and what to avoid” to improve our search engine Rankings…(note: this special report may not have been read by that many people—I think it was a limited release) .

So, my thoughts after reading so much information and weighing it all up is that, I do not think that including pictures in Blog posts will have either a negative or positive effect, as far as search engine rankings are concerned….

I feel that it’s more of a personal choice for us to decide to include blog pictures, or not….

Me personally, I do prefer to include images to my blog posts, mainly as I already mentioned earlier, I just think that our blog posts look much better with a nice image included…..

What are your own thoughts on whether we should include blog pictures, and do you think they help your rankings?