Success: What Does Success Mean to You?

We all have our personal views on what Success is. Though, regardless of this, we can all achieve blogging Success if we are willing to stay true to our original goals….

Some people would be quite happy just having a Blog or Website up and running as a form of expression and to communicate with others. If they manage to get a few visitors and/or subscribers, that would be just fine for them…as they do not see their site as being in competition with other sites, or as being used as a way to make money…

For others, they may wish to build a hugely popular site packed with both quality and engaging content…and soon they would gain a large following through subscribers…..and in time, also be highly regarded in their niche.

Other people have decided they wish to start a blog or website, mainly for the purpose of building it into a source of income…and hopefully, in time, the money they make from their site will be enough so they can quit their day jobs…..

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One of our greatest challenges to online blogging Success, is that we first need to have a clear idea of what it is we wish to achieve.

Once we have made up our mind, we can then go about making a plan of action.

So our first goal should be to get a clear picture in our minds of what Success means to us and how we shall go about achieving it….

What does Blogging Success mean to you?
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Knowing What Success Means to Us Makes Success Possible
One of the greatest barriers to Success is that we may not really have any idea at all what Success actually is.

When you really think about it, it’s not that easy to define what success is as it means different things to different people….

Though, when we are talking about Blogging Success or online Success through our Websites, it isn’t too hard to figure out that what we are usually taking about.

What we really mean by Success, is building a hugely popular website or blog and making some really good money at the same time….

Here’s a fantastic article on the SocialmediaExaminer website, called 8 Keys To Blogging Success, written by

Lori Randall Stradtman…..this is a well written article that offers some very useful advice and you will find it a great read….

I think you would be struggling to find anybody who is genuinely serious about their blog or website who does not want to have a hugely popular, high money earning site.

Often many people will say ” Oh, I am not worried about money, or having a popular site”!

Yet, often you will find out that this is exactly what they truly wished for, only they either did not believe it was possible to achieve, or they were not willing to put in the effort to achieve it….or both.

Here’s another great article, this one is called 41 Blogging Success Tips, written by Chris Garret on the Chrisg website….

Chris has included some very simple yet very powerful tips, so it is well worth your time checking out his post….

Manage Your Time To Manage your Life
Another important thing to remember is that once we have decided what we want to achieve on our path to success, and we have an idea of how we wish to get there, we also need to properly manage our time so that all our efforts are not wasted.

If we do not make the best use of our time, we will find ourselves going around in circles and not really getting anywhere…

The best way to overcome this is through Using a proper Time Management plan, and trying our best to stick to our time management plan to make the most of our time….

As you and I know very well, our time can pass so very quickly. If we do not follow our plan of action towards achieving online blogging Success, if we keep wavering back and forth, soon we will start to fall back so far we will no longer really believe we can ever achieve real Success…

So stay motivated towards achieving your Success. Whether your goals are small or you wish to achieve much greater things, the choice is yours…

What are your own thoughts about Blogging and online Success?

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