WordPress Vs. Other CMS – Blogging Perspective

All CMS Look So Powerful, I am Confused!
More the options we have, more we get confused. Isn’t it! WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal are various CMS options for us. All of them are so magnetic, powerful, and feature-packed that anybody will get confused.

But What You Want, Blogging, Then Only WordPress:
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This is for sure. One can go blogging on any of the CMS. But WordPress stands out of them. It is cast for Blogging. Here, I have gathered some of the bullet points that make WordPress a better option for blogging.

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Most important thing about WordPress is its simplicity. New user takes literally no time to understand how to use it.
It is supported by strong WordPress community. So, any problem you get is not only your problem. Many people have faced it and solution is on the way.
Huge number of, Free and Paid, ready to use Templates are on the web.
Plugins… WordPress got plugin to do anything. Extremely huge plugins library.
Very easy to take backup and retrieve it.
Very easy to interact with the readers through comments and trackbacks.
Multiple users can be managed with ease.
In above list, I have given simplicity highest priority. There is reason behind that. Most of the people are very reluctant to start a blog due to various issues like what can I write? Will I be able to? Who will read me? When I will get money? And many more! Now think, if they have face Difficult CMS issue….then…..back out is sure. Moreover, simplicity of WordPress, leads you to focus on Writing instead of other technical things. That’s why I respect WordPress’s simplicity.
Here we must appreciate blogger.com for its simplicity, too. It can be said that blogger is simpler than WordPress. But, WordPress offers us the level of freedom that doesn’t come with blogger. That’s why WordPress again.

And, of course this is my personal opinion, WordPress scores over other CMS as long as Blogging is concern.

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